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What a helpful post--love all the pics and the process you shared. This could be really helpful for me in finally doing something with all the bits and pieces I collect on a trip, not to mention the pictures. I need to make a book from our Italy trip this summer!

Joanne Brogan

I have not yet scrapped the trip last year when my step daughter and grand daughter made their first trip ever to NYC. I always collect the tickets/brochures etc from every trip so this is a great idea for me. I might want to put the pages into plastic paper protectors and maybe createsturdy cardboard covers but you certainly have my creative juices running.



Susan - So happy to hear this process is going to work for you. Have fun pulling together all of your memories and the papers that go with them!


You are a legend. I've been stalling on my Europe trips for so long as not happy with collage ideas. This is me to a T. Anal retentive yet creative. Castles here i come!


Mary - For this album I did not mount the photos on any paper or cardstock. All of the photos are 4"x6" that I simply embellished with labels and alphabet stickers, hole punched, and put in the album. Backing with paper or cardstock will add some stability and protection for your photos, but also add width. My album was already pretty large so I didn't to add any additional thickness. This album is several years old and still in good condition despite being flipped through often. I wouldn't recommend this idea for one of a kind photos that you would worry about possibly getting damaged, but perfect for everyday albums or quick trip books. Oftentimes these photos and ephemera would just end up in a drawers (or the trash!) if not put to use right away. Hope this helps! Feel free to comment here or email me with any additional questions!


Hello, So I have a question about the size and backing of this.
I think I am seeing that these are basically loose 4x5 photos that have been punched, crafted up and bound together? Are the photos just the photos or do you have them mounted to paper or cardstock or? Just not certain - I think the Hello My Name is tag on a photo throws me as they are rather large and I just am having a hard time wrapping my mind around it :)
THanks for sharing it's a better idea than a stack of loose photos.

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