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office stationery

I love collecting stamps... I'd like to add the butterfly on the first image and kiss stamp too


aaa ... butterfly stamp is astonishing!

trina curran

Oh, dear. Something to feed my habit. Off to join, and go buy stamps.

Kathy W

I love the seed packet stamps so much I had to buy two books the last time I went to the post office. When I was in grade school our local postmaster introduced me to stamp collecting and I've been on the lookout for cool stamps ever since.


Nat - If it makes you feel any better, I just placed an order of my own for almost one each of all of the new designs! If you order online, you can order blocks of 4 stamps rather than a full booklet for most designs. That helps me keep my bill down when I can't decide between all of the pretty stamps!


Ack! Why did you post all of those? I can't decide which is my favorite and I'll have to order them all. With the ubiquity of the Liberty Bell and American Flag stamps at ATMs and grocery stores, it's nice to get a letter with a different stamp.

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